How Ninjas Train For Competition

Being well-prepared for a Ninja competition and knowing what it requires can make a huge difference in the outcome. These tips are from our competing pupils and teachers alike, who are passionate about Ninja training and how to prepare your body for victory.

Start Believing You Will Succeed. Become The Ninja.

Having a strong will to succeed is essential and will push you further when it’s required. Watch motivational “warrior mindset”,” warrior mentality”,” chase greatness” videos like the ones below in the weeks before your competition. They will get you pumped and ready to compete!

Maintain Your Body Weight Before Competing

Some competitors swear by being on a strict diet before the big day, we say the opposite. A rapid diet increases your risk of getting muscle cramps due to electrolyte imbalances (including sodium, magnesium, and potassium), when not done properly. Stretch your diet over several weeks if you want to be ripped at competition day.

Start Practicing Silence and Calmness Daily

Embark on the path of inner strength with daily practices of silence and calmness. Channel your inner ninja through mindfulness training in Southeastern Michigan. Discover the power within, cultivating resilience and focus. Elevate your mental agility and unleash the ninja within through dedicated moments of tranquility. Begin your journey today. Being fully focused on the current task and not feeling anxious about cameras and the audience is important when you are competing on the Ninja course. Having practiced meditation will help you with that. There are some great apps and YouTube videos providing meditations on every subject before the competition. The emptier your mind is, the easier it is to complete each obstacle.

Cold Plunges

It sounds weird but taking an ice bath will prepare you mentally for the competition. At first, it seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but after a few attempts, you will handle it. If you can take an ice bath, you are strong enough mentally for tackling that Ninja course! Check out Wim Hof and other cold plunging experts for tips on how to complete this obstacle.

Rest 3 Days Prior to Competition

Don’t make the mistake of training until the last moment. Your body needs some rest. A few days of minimal training will replenish the energy in your muscles. However, balance exercises, stretching, and some gentle running are fine.

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Now that you’ve read the Ninja prep guide for competition, it’s time to practice. Get started today with the exercises and tips listed above. Will you be on the right path to completing the next American Ninja competition?

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