Humble Warrior Yoga

Humble Warrior Yoga Classes Near You in Michigan

Humble Warrior Classes from The Ninja's Edge

Humble Warrior offers yoga classes in Plymouth because we believe in yoga’s revitalizing power. Whether you’re looking for a good workout or you need more serenity in your life, we’re here for you.

At Humble Warrior, we believe in the power of yoga. That's why we're happy to bring yoga to the Plymouth community. When you come visit us, you'll enter a warm and welcoming environment.

We offer different classes, which are designed to challenge and inspire you. We're always taking into account the experience our students already have with yoga, which allows us to tailor the experience to your current skill level.

Why Humble Warrior?

At Humble Warrior, we love what we do. We wouldn’t be here otherwise. When you come visit one of our yoga classes, we promise that our teachers will be kind, calming, and courteous. We’ve created an atmosphere where yogis can stretch their abilities, while also feeling comfortable.

It’s the perfect compliment to Ninja Classes and Boot Camps to really accelerate on the course with increased flexibility and confidence!