Make It A Goal to Make Goals

As we enter into the new year, we start embracing for 2020 and for most of us that means higher expectations and standards. We aspire to improve ourselves in efforts to live healthier lifestyles, make more money, be a better person, or whatever you may wish.

It may not be your first rodeo, or you despise the cliché idea of a New Year’s resolution but regardless it’s an opportunity at a fresh start. But the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of our goals still loom and take many away from their resolutions. This year make it your year to answer these questions and conquer that inner voice of doubt.

Let’s focus in on 3 key aspects that are going to help you succeed in your resolutions:

  • Write it Down
  • Clarity
  • Forgiveness

Write It Down

Let’s face it, nobody likes change.
Write Goals Down We love the idea of change but when it comes to the actual process, it always finds us in time of discomfort and inconvenience. It’s easier to say one thing but to do it is another obstacle. Research in the past has shown that we are more likely to succeed in our goals if we write them down. Despite the obvious reason of being able to keep track of what our goals are, writing them down shows our sincerity about achieving them.

We write information down because we want to remember it. For example, taking notes in a classroom helps us to not only hear the information but to recollect it on our notebooks. So, if a goal is written down, our intent is to have a reminder (daily, weekly) to refer to. That is why most people fail to achieve resolutions they set because they are not reminded of both the good & bad of what they are striving toward.


Worry less about the ‘what’ of the goal and focus on the ‘why.’
If you can’t answer the reason you are hoping to get better, than it must not matter enough to want to progress.

Let’s presume we followed step 1 and wrote down our goals for the year ahead. Fast forward, it’s getting late on a Monday and you know you are tired from the weekend. You take a look at your goals sheet and right there at the top of the page you see, ‘Go to the gym.’

What is going to make you want to go to the gym by seeing this?

It is likely you are going to read this and say something like ‘there’s always tomorrow’ or ‘why was I so demanding when I made these.’ It can be difficult to be motivated just by seeing something written down. The words have to have power and as the author you have the power to make them with the deepest sense of the word. When you see your goals on paper, they should answer the major questions. Why are you taking this on? Who are you doing it for? How will it help you in the short term? Long term? And so on. That is what the clarity is meant to me. Your goals need to have layers and intended result only you can deliver on.


Forgive Others but first, Yourself.
Forgiveness - Friends - Goals
We often are too critical of ourselves in areas where we know we need work, so we become our biggest critic. This year with your goals, you need to be your biggest supporter because we can’t rely on others to push you. If you are consistently failing in something, it is best to keep moving forward, but don’t prevent yourself from reaching your maximum.

Make It a Learning Experience
When we are so focused on ourselves, we actually lose the scope of who we are. We need people to help us in good times and in bad and return the favor You are not alone when it comes to setting goals. Everyone has goals, they might just be unaware of how to work towards them. You must be willing to take feedback, both positive & negative, and be prepared for what others might see as their shortcomings and be willing to help them in those times of need.

Good luck everyone & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - The Ninja's Edge