Meet Our Staff

The Ninja's Edge Staff

Thrilling competitions of agility and strength in Michigan

Carey Sherbrooke
Owner/Program Manager

Coach Carey began as a gymnastics coach in 2007 with American Allstars where she received her professional coaches certificate covering matting and spotting techniques. In 2009, she opened The Ninja's Edge where she promoted general fitness and children’s speed and agility classes. In 2013, The Ninja's Edge moved to its current space and in 2014 she jumped head first into Ninja training. She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and has held certifications in children’s group fitness. Through her leadership and dedication to this facility, The Ninja's Edge has nearly tripled in size. Her enthusiasm for coaching and commitment to this program is what makes The Ninja's Edge a desirable place to train!

Michigan's fierce contests of skill and athleticism

Sam Sherbrooke
Adult Ninja Program Coordinator/Coach

Coach Sam has been a youth athletic coach for over a decade. His ability to dissect a movement and make it attainable to his students is legendary. He specializes in the ‘big swings’, but showcases his creativity in creating our detailed lesson plans. Keeping things fresh, challenging and athletically relevant is his true talent.

Epic battles of endurance and agility across Michigan

Jay Haas
Social Media & Website Coordinator/Coach

Coach Jay has taught aerobics, self-defense, yoga, Pilates and even more varieties of fitness classes for over 20 years.  His interest in fitness started as a Reconnaissance Marine where he saw the value of complimentary training.  He uses the diversity of his experience to help his students to take control of their movements and harness their strength.