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Best Ninja Warrior Blogs, Vlogs, Websites, Podcasts

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American Ninja Warrior has exploded across the United States. Nearly 200 gyms in 43 states offer training for the program. Millions of people tune in to watch contestants overcome dozens of obstacles for one million dollars. 

The popularity of the show means that there are dozens of Ninja Warrior blogs out there. It can be overwhelming to track them all down. 

Not to worry! There are a few blogs and websites that stand above the rest. Here is a quick Ninja Warrior blog directory. 

The Ninjababes

The Ninjababes is a podcast that empowers women in the Ninja Warrior community. Two-time city finalist Cara Poalillo started Ninjababes to promote the efforts of female competitors.

Paolillo has released nearly 90 podcast episodes, featuring a range of personalities from Ninja Warrior. She also features interviews with academics and doctors about wellness for women. Ninjababes releases a thirty-minute podcast every week.

Ninjababes has Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages. The site shares inspirational photos and infographics, empowering women and young people. They occasionally share recipes and instructional guides. 

If you’re looking for women-centered material, follow the Ninjababes. If you want to hear more from academics about Ninja Warrior-related topics, listen to their podcast every week. 

Ninja Warrior Blueprints

Ninja Warrior Blueprints is a blog for constructing your own Ninja Warrior course. The Ferguson family of Birmingham, Alabama started the blog to provide DIY tips on course construction. 

Their site contains technical blueprints to build a number of obstacles. They include how-to videos so you can see how experts construct the Warped Wall

Their blog contains more tips on construction. If you want a fun challenge, the Fergusons provide “Ninja Challenges” to test your skills. The longer you can hang by your fingertips or stand on one leg, the more Ninja points you receive!

Their Facebook page shares a Ninja Challenge every week. Each challenge tests a different part of the body. If you want to follow a Facebook page that provides full-body training tips, follow Ninja Warrior Blueprints. 

American Ninja Warrior Nation

American Ninja Warrior Nation is a website that provides all-inclusive coverage for the show. SB Nation hosts the site, connecting to a network of other sports-related blogs. 

The Nation’s blog provides articles on course construction and key personalities from the show. Editor Nikki Lee has interviewed the hosts, winners, and notable contestants, providing their stories and lifestyle tips. 

Lee also hosts a podcast in which she interviews contestants in great detail. If you miss an episode or article, they repost their content on Facebook and Twitter. For a deep dive into American Ninja Warrior, follow American Ninja Warrior Nation. 

The Best American Ninja Warrior Blogs

American Ninja Warrior has been going for 13 seasons. It’s no surprise that there are many Ninja Warrior blogs that provide in-depth material on the show. 

The Ninjababes provides empowering and informative content for women. Ninja Warrior Blueprints features detailed technical guides and fun challenges. American Ninja Warrior Nation offers an all-inclusive platform for the show’s top personalities. 

Learn about the show, then get in shape to be on it. The Ninja’s Edge is Michigan’s leading Ninja Warrior gym. Contact us today, or call us at 734-983-8053.