Cliffhanger: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

Are you stuck on the Cliffhanger obstacle? Fortunately, it’s easier to train than the other obstacles, such as the spinning log or the log roll. You need to perform perfectly to overcome those obstacles.

The Cliffhanger, on the other hand, offers a little more latitude. The training is also clear cut. When you’re ready to dig into this Cliffhanger guide and learn the two simple exercises that’ll help you conquer that cliff, read on.

The Cliffhanger Obstacle

If you haven’t seen the Ninja Warrior Cliffhanger, it’s an obstacle made from a set of individual rails that contestants must climb hand-over-hand.

Image three wooden rails glued on the wall at different heights. Each rail is no longer than three feet.

Now imagine those rails glued on both walls of a narrow alley. Contestants must also swing from one wall to the other. Contestants must use a side-to-side swing and a forward and backward swing to complete the grueling Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

Cliffhanger Tips

When you remain on one wall, moving from one rail to the next, you need lateral motion. You gain it by swinging your legs and hips from side to side. As you swing, lift your free hand and slide it forward.

Don’t transfer laterally from one rail to the next until you reach the very edge. Pull your rearmost hand to the ledge as your forward hand releases and reaches for the next rail. You’ll be completely airborne for a second.

The next of our Ninja Warrior tips focus on the transition from one wall to the other. That part of the obstacle is one that everyone on a Competitive Ninja Team must master before competing.

When you transfer from one wall to the other, use your entire body to gain momentum. Starting with your legs, swing forward and backward until you release. Your body should be almost horizontal if you want a big jump.

If you find yourself struggling with the Cliffhanger, and group classes aren’t giving you what you need, try Ninja one-on-one coaching. Individual instruction means your teacher can fine-tune your approach. He can spend the time he needs (but doesn’t have in group classes) to pick apart the nuances of your movement.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide Exercises for the Cliffhanger

The cliffhanger is all about your shoulder, bicep, forearm, and finger strength. So, how do you develop these parts of your body?

Grip strength exercises will help build the smaller muscles in your fingers, hands, and forearms. If you hit a plateau, try training the muscles you use during finger extension. The problem usually occurs when the muscles you use for flexion are out of balance with the muscles you use for extension.

Pullup exercises will develop the larger muscles in your shoulders and biceps. They’ll also help you work on your finger and forearm endurance.

What’s Comes After the Cliffhanger Guide?

Now that you’ve read this Cliffhanger guide, it’s time to get to work. Start with the pullup exercises and stick with them until you can perform at least ten unassisted pullups. If your fingers keep slipping off the bar, switch to grip strength exercises.

If you live in Michigan and want to take your Ninjaing to the next level, sign up for Ninja Warrior Classes today.