Devil Steps: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

The Devil Steps were featured as the fifth obstacle in many seasons of American Ninja Warrior as well the international versions of American Ninja Warrior such as Sasuke 19. Despite it being a popular obstacle, the Devil Steps are a huge challenge for contestants and tests their stamina to a crazy degree. Read more of this article to get started on learning how to successfully complete the Devil Steps obstacle.

Devil Steps Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

The Devil Steps Obstacle

The Devil Steps are a set of ascending and descending stairs where the competitors must climb under the steps to reach the landing platform. There are three intervals of seven steps in total, with the first two intervals going upwards and the third interval going downwards (however, competitors usually skip the topmost step of second and third sets).


Devil Steps Tips

Thinking of the Devil Steps as an ascending monkey bar set that’s also horizontal might be overwhelming, but that’s exactly how you would train for them. Our pro tip to completing the Devil Steps successfully is to train on monkey bars facing sideways instead of forward to get used to your form facing the outside instead the inside of the obstacle.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide Exercises for Devil Steps

Our recommendation is learning how to strengthen your biceps for the Devil Steps, this excerpt is a great start for learning how. Your bicep strength is critical for the ability to perform the Devil Steps with ease.

Our second recommended exercise from our experts at the Ninja’s Edge is pull-ups. Pull-ups are a great exercise to learn how to put your entire body weight on your upper body strength, perfect for the Devil Steps.

What comes after the Devil Steps?

Now that you’ve read the Ninja Warrior obstacle guide for the Devil Steps obstacle, it’s time to practice. Get started today with bicep exercises and pull-ups for now. Will you be on the right path to completing the next American Ninja Warrior obstacle?

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