Flying Bar: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide 1

Flying Bar: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

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The Flying Bar is a hybrid of the Jumping Bars and Pipe Slider and is technically a horizontal version of the Salmon Ladder where competitors must negotiate down a track by jumping from one cradle to another, while holding onto a pipe. In this obstacle guide The Ninja’s Edge gives you instructions and tips on how to train for this obstacle so you can train to become the next American Ninja Warrior.

The Flying Bar Obstacle

The Flying Bar featured on both American Ninja Warrior and Australian Ninja Warrior contains five cradles, with each jump approximately 5 feet from one cradle to the next cradle. This is the ultimate test of upper body strength and dexterity in the contestant willing to attempt this challenge.

Flying Bar Guide

The 1st step is to grab onto the Flying Bar using a switch grip, and the next step is to generate momentum by kicking your legs up in front of you, but stay in control, so that the bar doesn’t come out of the cradle. While on the forward upswing, pull yourself forward, while holding on the bar, and let the momentum carry you to the next cradle.

There are variations you can apply for this obstacle such as skipping cradles to finish the challenge sooner, which requires total upper body conditioning. The second variation is to use a different type of gripping, so that your hands grip the bar in a more natural way.

Flying Bar Tips

Using the hand gripping techniques that are most comfortable to you is the key to finishing this obstacle successfully. Another tip to completing the Flying Bar might seem counter-intuitive, but taking your time to ensure that you have full strength in your hands and bicep muscles before moving from cradle to cradle on this Flying Bar obstacle.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide Exercises for the Flying Bar

Although the most common prerequisite ninja warrior obstacles are the Lache and the Salmon Ladder, which have much of the same characteristics, it is also important to train your body before practicing training for the Flying Bar.

The Ninja’s Edge recommends high intensity interval training (HIIT) to increase your heart rate, that way your body is used to being in a position where it can handle faster pulse and heavier breathing techniques. You can practice HIIT by either sprinting on your at-home or gym treadmill, elliptical, or preferred cardio machine. Or you can use your standard strength training exercises such as pushups, squats, and mountain climbers at an increased speed to really start to get your heart going.

Our second recommended exercise when it comes to training for the Flying Bar, is arm curls with barbells of your preferred weight, pull-ups, and arm pulley exercises. These are to help strengthen your upper body and also increase your flexibility so you can be fully prepared for any odd-feeling muscle groups that might be working in this obstacle that wouldn’t usually be in any other obstacle or challenge.

What comes after the Flying Bar Guide?

Now that you’ve read the Ninja Warrior obstacle guide for The Flying Bar, it’s time to practice. Get started today with pull ups and cardio training for now. It is also important to work on increasing your flexibility in your upper body, which also helps with muscle recovery so that you can be on the path to completing the next American Ninja Warrior obstacle.

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