Best Ninja Training Resources Online

Come on, who doesn’t want to be a ninja? Or at the very least, have those abilities, to scale walls with ease and to move with grace and balance. What does it take for you to be able to do that?

The answer is dedication. Succeeding at ninja training exercises takes practice, endurance, and a will to push forward. So it helps to have a little boost by knowing what you are in for.

I want to talk to you about where to find 2021’s newest Ninja training exercises. Let us help you be the best god-damned ninja you can be with our list of ninja warrior websites!

Watch Training Exercises

At-Home Pull Up Workout – Beginner Ninja Training

First things first in our ninja warrior video directory. Who better to start with than an entrant to American Ninja itself?

Scott works through how to do a lot of the workouts you need from your very own home. Check the channel for more videos. They are perfect for during a lockdown or another time the gym is inaccessible.

Flywheel Tutorial | Ninja

Bodies in Motion seeks to teach upcoming Ninjas the proper techniques in how to perform various exercises. The site goes into every step of how to get that perfect Ninja action down. They are careful to help you learn the basics before trying for complicated workouts.

Becoming the NEXT American Ninja

In this series of videos, a previous contestant of American Ninja breaks down his training regime. The channel also includes a number of other training tutorials for those who want to look into more of a full-body workout.

Read Advice

Ninja X Training Guide

Some of the best advice out there comes from the Ninja X training guide. They talk about the explosive strength you need as well as how to improve your grip strength to get through Ninja courses in record time.

The Ninja’s Edge – Beginner’s Guide to Ninja Training

Next up in our ninja warrior blog directory is a blog for beginners. Aiming to help to “improve stamina, fitness, and flexibility,” this gym’s blog notably has a few articles about kids’ ninja training and gyms.

Despite that, it also caters to an older crowd with tips on how to climb the Warped Wall, how to train while being a parent, and how to train while in quarantine.

Listen to Experts

The Ninjababes Podcast

As a two-times finalist of the American Ninja City circuit, Cara Poalillo knows what she is talking about. She talks to others who are in Ninja Training to get their advice, share stories about their own training. She also helps listeners understand how others in the competition succeed.

JAMCast – Ninja & World Chase Tagger

Perfect for if you want something motivational to listen to while exploding into that Ninja mood. When it comes to podcasts in our ninja warrior content directory, experience counts. Therefore, listening to someone who has been on both Ultimate Beastmaster and Ninja is not a terrible plan.

Where next?

There are hundreds of recent entries into the Ninja world. New people are sharing their old training exercises, and new exercises are being invented all the time.

If you want a look at how to improve your fitness while having a good time, get in contact with one of our experts. We will be able to supply you with more information.