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Best Ninja Warrior Training Exercises To Do At Home

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For more than a decade now, American Ninja Warrior has challenged us all to improve our fitness, tackle obstacles head-first, and never quit in the face of adversity. Now, that philosophy is being put to the test like never before. With many gyms and workout facilities shut due to COVID-19, ninjas across the country are having to find creative ways to train for American Ninja Warrior.

In this post, we will look at five examples of at-home ninja warrior exercises, even if you have limited equipment. Each exercise mirrors the type of challenge you would face on American Ninja Warrior, targeting various muscles and focusing on a total body workout.

Ready for some American Ninja Warrior training at-home exercises? Let’s go!

At-Home Exercises for Ninja Warrior Training

Even when space, equipment, and motivation is in short supply, there is a wide range of exercises that you can easily do while at home to help prepare you for a shot at American Ninja Warrior. Whether being the best of the best or just the best you can be right now is your goal, these exercises are the perfect accompaniment to any at-home workout.

Lateral Jumps

To tackle the floating steps on American Ninja Warrior, you will need to build up explosive power in your legs, across your thighs, hamstrings, calves, and ankles. An easy, equipment-free way to achieve this is with lateral jumps.

From a standing position, jump to one side, landing on your leading leg and crossing the other behind you. Jump back in the opposite direction, leading with the opposite leg this time. Continue to jump laterally, leading with alternating legs, using your arms for balance.

Foam Roller Walk

Mirror the challenge of the balance tank with your own home-made version, using a foam roller. Try to cross from one side of the room to the other while balancing on your foam roller. This exercise will activate your entire body, strengthening your core, and improving your balance.

Psycho Chainsaw

Turn your pull-up bar into a killer American Ninja Warrior exercise by simply adding a towel. Grip the towel using two hands and hang from the bar, then alternate between raising and lowering each arm in an explosive manner. This exercise will work your arms, core, and improve your grip strength.

Box Jumps

To really build the explosive leg power you will require for American Ninja Warrior, take squats to the next level by adding a jump to the movement. When at home, find any sturdy box to land on top of when you complete your squat jump. As you advance, you can use household furniture like dressers or tables to increase the challenge. Just be sure to exercise caution if you are operating in a smaller space.

Devil Steps

Find a door frame or the edge of a wall. Plant your feet together at the base, lean back, and move up and down using only your fingertips. The challenge intensifies as you move further down. This exercise helps improve your grip strength, perfect for events like the aforementioned devil steps, as well as the cliffhanger.

Crush Your At-Home Ninja Warrior Workout

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