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Peg Maze: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

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The slanted or vertical Peg Maze is both an upper body strength test, as well as a puzzle. The inverted board requires you to start at the top portion, using wooden pegs to slide around the maze and let your body down own angle at a time. Think of the wooden puzzles with the marble in the middle that you would see as a kid in the doctor’s office.

The Peg Maze is the ultimate test of upper body strength, patience, and mental discipline.

The Peg Maze Obstacle

The challenge of the Peg Maze is to hold yourself up in a pullup position with your legs dangling, while trying to figure out the best way around this puzzle. One wrong move could keep you in this challenging position longer than you would like, or make you fail the obstacle completely by falling.

Although the Peg Maze may seem like an intense challenge, it’s actually a very fun obstacle to complete. The main component of the Peg Maze above all else is the puzzle aspect, which is a true test of patience – no matter how bad your triceps are burning.

Peg Maze Guide

Starting at the top and working your way down, the pegs will be at the top of the board for you to maneuver. Since this obstacle is at the top about 8-10 feet in the air, your previous obstacle will most likely be some sort of set of swinging monkey bar or pole. This means you’ll be having to rely on your upper body beyond the peg maze, which can work in your favor as a good warm up.

Once you’ve started the Peg Maze, the idea is to use your focus on creating the fastest and most reliable way to get down without struggling or falling. The Peg Maze is full of different curves and angles that are meant to challenge your decline to the ground before your next obstacle.

Peg Maze Tips

Keep it fun. If you enjoy a mental challenge, this obstacle will be a breeze. Ninja’s Edge recommends studying smaller scale peg mazes or boards that are children’s toys, so you can get familiarized with the way the board flows. After this, there will be no surprises as to how to complete this puzzle obstacle.

One thing to note about this obstacle, is that if you use both pegs and come to a sharp angle on the board – your body will drop rapidly. As scary as this sounds, it just means you’re slightly closer to your goal of getting on the ground. The trick is to remain strong in your position so that you don’t fall. Expect the drop so that your mind and body are more prepared.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide Exercises for the Peg Maze

Ninja’s Edge recommends Monkey Bars (swinging and stationary) for upper body training. These are beneficial to contestants for relying completely on your arms, back, and chest to hold yourself up for long periods of time. The goal is not speed, quite the opposite actually. The goal is to get comfortable with holding that position as long as possible, to avoid falls and injury.

Another recommended exercise is pullups and bench presses. These strength training exercises counteract each other for a reason. This is to strengthen your wrists and arm muscles while also training yourself to make the necessary strong pushing motions needed to complete the Peg Maze. You can also alternate your pullup routine and practice them one handed for an extra challenge in your training.

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What comes after the Peg Maze Guide?

Now that you’ve read the Ninja Warrior obstacle guide for the Peg Maze, it’s time to practice. Get started today with pull ups and bench presses. When you’re ready and willing, have some fun on the monkey bars.

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