Spinning Log: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

Do you have what it takes to become a Ninja Warrior champion? Not yet, you don’t. You’ll need endurance, strength, and skill on par with those attained by elite military units.

You don’t believe it? Then have a look at what it takes to overcome the spinning log in this Ninja Warrior obstacle guide. When you’re ready to be wowed, read on.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide to Spinning Logs

One of the most difficult obstacles on the course is the Ninja Warrior spinning log. You must transverse 5 consecutive spinning logs to pass the obstacle. Each rotates underfoot, so you can’t stand on them.

You must perform some combination of quickstepping and jumping over them, like Sam West. The obstacle is too far to jump over completely. Some contestants choose to jump over one or two of the logs then quickstep over the rest.

This spinning log technique has its drawbacks. The further a contestant leaps, the less balance he has when he lands. The contestant must immediately slow his momentum and spring onto the next log with a plyometric hop.

Adult Ninjas vs Kid Ninjas

Ninja training is different for each age group. Most Ninja Warrior centers create at least 3 different curriculums for young ninjas and at least one more for adults.

Take the last example from the section above.

Though some adult ninja training classes cater to aspiring contestants who go this route, children should avoid these big leaps. On average, adults jump higher, leap further, and have more strength to adjust to mistakes. That’s why they can risk it.

Youth ninja classes, on the other hand, focus more on balance than strength for this obstacle. One of the best spinning log tips is to move in quick but controlled hops. If you’d rather ignore this spinning log guide and leap, then ask your trainer for one-on-one ninja training sessions.

Additional Ninja Warrior Tips for the Spinning Log

The logs are six meters long but only 22 cm wide. They’re deceivingly narrow. That means you have a tiny target to hit.

And you must hit it at speed. As your weight hits the log, your eyes need to look for the next log. In that split second, you must adjust your trajectory and halt your downward momentum.

Then you need to spring forward and up. Remember, you’ve got to do all of this in a split second, and the next log may actually be higher than the one you’re standing on.

One of the best ways to train for this is with one-legged squats. Try it on each leg without weight and get used to the motion. It takes excellent balance and coordination.

As you grow more confident, add a small hop at the end of the squat. If you master that, add weight in increments of five pounds.

Other Recommendations for Ninja Warriors

Now that you’ve read the Ninja Warrior obstacle guide for spinning logs, it’s time to practice. Yep, you can do it right now. Focus on the one-legged squats until you gain complete control.

If you’re in Michigan and would like help, register for Ninja Warrior classes today.