Swing Circle: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide 1

Swing Circle: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

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The Swing Circle appeared as the fifth obstacle in American Ninja Warrior 4 in Southeast region, but with an addition of the trampoline at the starting platform. Kamerion Wimbley became the first competitor to complete it on either American Ninja Warrior or SASUKE 19. Pretty intimidating stats, but we can help you complete the Swing Circle at The Ninja’s Edge gym. Read more of this article to get started on learning how to successfully complete the Swing Circle obstacle.

Swing Circle Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide

The Swing Circle Obstacle

The Swing Circle are composed of four rings hanging from the scaffolding above, where the competitor must jump from one ring to the next ring below it, like the Jumping Bars. The rings appeared to be on a track similar to the Gliding Ring obstacle, except the track was shorter and steeper, and the rings may be able to move freely.


Swing Circle Tips

The Swing Circle obstacle can be considered one of the hardest obstacles to face in the American Ninja Warrior series, but our expert trainers at The Ninja’s Edge gym have incredible methods to nail this obstacle. Our tip is to use your entire body to swing from ring-to-ring. It may feel silly, but the momentum from your lower body swinging will get you to complete the Swing Circle in almost no time.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide Exercises for Swing Circle

Our recommendation is learning how to strengthen your biceps for the Swing Circle, this excerpt is a great start for learning how. Your bicep strength is critical for the ability to perform the Swing Circle with ease.

Our second recommended exercise from our experts at the Ninja’s Edge is pull-ups. Pull-ups are a great exercise to learn how to put your entire body weight on your upper body strength, perfect for the Swing Circle. We also recommend cardio exercises in your free time for your heart rate to handle high-intensity before perform the Swing Circle.

What comes after the Swing Circle?

Now that you’ve read the Ninja Warrior obstacle guide for the Swing Circle obstacle, it’s time to practice. Get started today with bicep exercises and cardio for now. Will you be on the right path to completing the next American Ninja Warrior obstacle?

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