Top Tips to Climb the Warped Wall 1

Top Tips to Climb the Warped Wall

In Training by Joe Harris

The warped wall is one of the most famous (and tricky) obstacles to climb in the ninja warrior course. When you’re at the very end of the course, it’s the final obstacle between you and the finish line.

Depending on your level, there are different sized warped walls to take on. There are smaller 8-foot walls, the large 14 and a ½ foot wall, and a few sizes in between. The largest wall is also featured on the American Ninja Warrior TV show. The warped shape allows for increased speed, but it’s also tough to climb. Ready to grab your ninja gear and brave the warped wall? That’s great; let’s learn how!

1. The Right Shoes

First, you’ve absolutely got to have the right shoes if you’re attempting to climb the warped wall. Choose shoes with good flexibility, plenty of friction, and ensure your shoes are lightweight. The most crucial factor in choosing a ninja warrior shoe is grip; to climb the warped wall, your shoes need plenty of it. Your shoes should be tight, so there’s no chance of slipping or losing traction. Shoes with a rubber sole will give you the kind of grip you’ll need to beat the warped wall!

2. Eyes On The Prize

When you are climbing the warped wall, fix your eyes at the very top of the wall (and keep them there)! By doing so, you’ll be leaning backwards (slightly), which will give you the force you need to continue upwards. Keep those positive thoughts going when you’re taking the wall, tell yourself, ‘I’ve got this!’

3.  The Perfect Run Up

To get things off to a great start, you need to take the perfect run-up to the wall. When you begin to run, use knee drives and take large and powerful strides to gain acceleration and momentum. Practice your run-up, you need to get into the habit of big strides instead of small and ones. Why not put on some motivational music to get you in the mood? Eye Of The Tiger, perhaps?

4. Grab With Both Hands

When nearing the top of the wall, some folks reach upwards with just one hand, this is not very ninja like and it probably won’t help you get to the top! You should always reach up with both hands to improve your stability. One of the most challenging parts is pulling yourself up at the end. You need some great upper body strength to do this. (It’s not a bad idea to do some strength training beforehand)!

5. Lose Your Fear

So perhaps you’ve been feeling pretty confident about the warped wall? Until it comes to the day, and then you lose your nerve. Fear is not what we need here; if you’re nervous, you’ll underperform and make a mistake. Before you start your course try to relax as much as possible. Remember that Ninja Warrior courses are all about the fun! When you first start your ninja warrior training, you might not be that great at the obstacle courses. Never fear, after a short amount of time, you’ll feel like a real champion. Haven’t started your Ninja warrior training yet? Search for ‘ninja warrior training near me’ or check out our range of ninja warrior locations. At The Ninja’s Edge we have one of the largest warped walls in the state (and kids simply love climbing up it)! Reach out to us today if your kids want in on the fun!