Ninja Training Guide

Ninja warrior training has become a popular exercise modality thanks to the rise of Obstacle Course Races (OCR). Take Spartan Races, for example. They claim to have had over five million participants in their races since their inception in 2007.

It's not hard to see why challenge-seekers flock to OCR and hardcore training.

The benefits of ninja training are infinite. From getting stronger to increasing balance and agility, ninjas have a lot to gain from their training. The camaraderie you'll build alongside physical and mental strength is irreplaceable, too.

You need to find the best training center to help meet (and surpass) your goals as a ninja warrior. The perfect gym will have knowledgeable staff and the right equipment you need to start.

Keep reading to find out what skills and strengths you need to focus on during your journey.

Build Your Strength

You can't expect to be an expert ninja warrior if you haven't built a strong foundation first. The great thing about ninja training is that anyone can do it so long as they have patience and determination. Let's take a look at the three main areas of your body to start training today.


Think of the core as your foundation. A strong core will help provide the balance and stability you need to complete obstacles. One that's weak can lead to injury and reduced sports performance.

Be sure you're training every area of your midsection. This includes the transverse abdominis, obliques, erector spinae, and rectus abdominis.

Lower Body Strength

Many obstacles are upper-body centric, but that doesn't mean you should skip leg day. Obstacles that require big jumps need strong leg muscles to help propel you forward.

Include jumping lunges in your workouts to build explosiveness in your lower body. Box jumps will work every muscle in your lower body, as well as your core.

Upper Body Strength

Explosiveness is necessary for many ninja warrior obstacles. It's imperative to create that explosiveness in your upper body. Your arms and back will also need to be strong enough to hold your entire body weight.

Include wide grip pull ups in your routine to help build back strength.

It's not all about your biceps, lats, and triceps, though. You'll need to focus a lot of attention on strengthening your grip. Your hand-grip strength is a great predictor of your overall endurance and strength.

Lat pulldowns can help you build upper body strength while helping with your grip.

Learn Ninja Skills

You already know that you need physical strength for obstacle courses. But you'll also need to focus on building skills that will come in handy during your training.


Brachiating is a necessary fitness skill to help generate momentum with your body. This will come in handy when you need to swing from obstacle to obstacle.

Use monkey bars to work on your ability to brachiate.


You'll need excellent balancing skills to be a great ninja warrior. Train on uneven surfaces like BOSU balls to hone your balance skills.


Being agile means you can move through obstacles quickly and efficiently. Agile athletes can handle obstacles while maintaining balance and coordination.

Practice your agility skills with football drills on ladders and hurdles.

Conquer Your Mind

You're going to encounter challenging exercises and not-so-great days during your ninja training. Frustration, anger, and anxiety can all disturb the laser focus you need while you train. Allow yourself to make mistakes and be gentle with yourself when you do.

Focus on building the right athletic mindset to help you get out of your head on the hard days.

Start Your Ninja Training Today

The path to becoming a ninja warrior won't always be easy, but it'll be worth it. You'll be putting in long hours at the gym and putting your body to the ultimate test. The adrenaline rush you'll get will be incomparable, though.

Now all you need to do is find the right place to start your training.

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