Youth Classes at The Ninja's Edge

Challenging strength, improving agility, and increasing confidence - the Ninja Warrior Way!

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Ninja Class Schedules

Athletes attend class at the same scheduled time weekly.  Consistent coaching, along with our structured curriculum developed for body symmetry, promotes the greatest opportunity for improvement.

A monthly commitment is all that is required.  Families are billed for the entire month, at the beginning of the month.  Athletes can attend 1 make up class every other month.

Fall 2022 Schedule

How will ninja training improve the health & well-being of my child?

If your child is exposed to the fundamentals of athletic movement, including mobility, stability, motor control and athletic skill during their early years, they will lay the groundwork for proficiency in sports of all types.

Youth Ninja Class Levels

Our classes are divided by age because the cognition and stamina is similar among youth of similar ages. Our advanced classes, Ninja Masters are available by coach recommendation.

Preschool Ninjas (3-4 yrs)

Preschoolers are just learning that they can control the movement of their bodies. That is the main focus of our preschool program. INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT leads to athleticism. Once they learn to listen to their coaches cues, and create their own INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT, they are off to the races. Of course, we have the added thrill of teaching this movement through ninja warrior obstacles!

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Nano Ninjas (5-7 yrs)

During the ages from 4-8, children are developing the NEURAL PATHWAYS for natural agility. If these young athletes are introduced to a variety of athletic movement during this important phase, they will have greater success in a variety of athletic ventures. Every CLASS is filled with a variety of movement and our structured progression of skills will help their CONFIDENCE grow, as their skills progress! This class is conducted in our gym for smaller athletes, so that their CONFIDENCE is nurtured, as they perfect the basic movements in obstacles made just for them.

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    Novice Ninjas (7-10 yrs)

    Yes, 7 yr olds can participate in Nano Ninjas or Novice Ninjas. If your 7 yr old is adventurous and seemingly fearless, this is a more challenging choice for their Ninja experience. This class is conducted in the main gym so the obstacles can be intimidating for a timid 7 yr old. They will continue to work on the basic skills that will propel them forward on the PROGRESSION OF SKILLS needed for success on more complicated obstacles. With that progression, their CONFIDENCE will grow along with those skills.

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    Power Ninjas (10-15 yrs)

    There is another crossover year between Power Ninjas and Novice Ninjas. Strength, size of the athlete, and maturity will best determine which choice will be best for your child. Since these athletes are mature enough to achieve proper body positions, conditioning for strength and endurance are staples in their classes. All athletes are at different stages of their athletic ability and experience, but our coaches are well versed in our PROGRESSION OF SKILLS, so they can challenge the accomplished ninja, while breaking skills down into bite sized chunks for athletes needing extra practice on basic ninja skills.

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    Ninja Masters 1 (7-10 yrs) & Ninja Masters 2 (11-20 yrs)

    These classes are for advanced ninjas, who have been recommended by a coach or evaluated before signing up. These athletes are well versed in the types of swings and kips needed for advanced ninja movement. They have learned to create power with their entire body, and are ready for release moves and more complicated obstacles.

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    What the parents of our youth ninjas have to say about our classes

    My son was having a bit of a rough day and had a bit of a rough start to class when he forgot his water bottle in the car and got upset. During group warm up, coaches came over and made efforts to cheer him up and get him involved in the class in a very positive manner. They could have just continued with the rest of the class and left it up to me to get him calmed down and I appreciate that they made the effort to make him feel welcome and get him involved.

    Youth & Kid's Ninja Training at The Ninja's Edge

    Why No Youth Ninja Warrior Open Gym?

    The Ninja's Edge runs a youth athletic development program. To achieve success, we have found that younger athletes need specific direction and proper spotting to perform many of these difficult movements and we put the safety of our athletes above everything else. Youth open gyms are not safe and not instructional - and those are the most important pillars of our program.

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