Ninja Training & Athletic Training for Adults at The Ninja’s Edge

Ninja Boot Camps

Obstacle training isn’t just for the kids! Our adult participants achieve strength and agility gains as much as our youth athletes. Adult classes include resistance training to promote safety while performing these, sometimes explosive moves. The body awareness that our training promotes will increase confidence of movement, on the ninja obstacles, but more importantly in everyday movement.

Personal Training

Whether you are ready to be a ninja or not, you can strive to increase your strength, follow a weight loss program or simply participate in a regular supervised exercise program at The Ninja’s Edge. One on one or group personal training is available through contacting us via email or phone call. Start your journey to a healthier life!

Join our Adult Ninja Training Team

Join our team and participate with your EDGE training partners in regional competitions! It’s a great way to compare your skills to others and even meet some celebrities from Ninja Athletic & Training Competitions.

Ninja Training for Adults & Competitive Ninja Training Team at The Ninja's Edge in Michigan