Host a Ninja Birthday Party at The Ninja's Edge

Host Your Kid's Birthday Party with a Ninja Theme at The Ninja's Edge

The Ninja's Edge is currently unavailable to host any birthday parties.

Give Your Kids a Different Kind of Celebration

If you’re looking for a fun, safe way to celebrate your child’s birthday, throw a party at our facility!

We know that planning parties can be exhausting, especially when you’re attending to several young children. You should be able to celebrate the special day with your child, as you’ll never see them turn that age again. A party with us is an affordable, inventive, and exciting way for you and your kids to celebrate the day. Check out what a birthday experience at The Ninjas Edge is like for your family!

Coaches will lead party goers in circuits that will expose them to a variety of elements and obstacles. Once the circuits are complete, Ninjas will have the opportunity to partake in a course to run with their friends and family cheering them on!

Let Your Child Be A Star for a Day

A birthday at The Ninjas Edge is an opportunity to learn, explore, but most importantly, have a great time. Make your child’s next birthday unique and memorable! Incorporate your love of Ninja Training with the love of festivity! Schedule your next party at The Ninjas Edge!

The only thing more challenging than planning a party is managing children with all of that energy and excitement.

Giving the kids a place to exert energy, and play is a great way to handle it. It’s an opportunity for not only the kids to move about, but for parents to have a few minutes to relax. We’ll have a variety of things planned to help that special child have a special day.

*Guests should wear comfortable clothing and dry, clean tennis shoes.

Host a Ninja Birthday Party at The Ninja's Edge

To request a date to host a birthday party at either of our ninja training center locations, please fill out the form below. Once we receive your request, one of our team members will follow up with you to complete your booking.

Ninja Birthday Party - Host Ninja Themed Bday Parties at The Ninja's Edge in Michigan

Photos of our Ninja Theme Birthday Parties