Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Training Classes - Coming Soon

Train Your Mind and Body
Looking for the best self defense training facility in Plymouth? The Ninjas Edge is a team of passionate martial artists seeking to train and better our community.

Regardless of your age range or skill level, we have a course that’s right for you. Stop waiting for tomorrow. Come ready to train with us today.

Family Self Defense 
If you’re ready to put in the extra time and work hard, so are we. We’ll not only help you with your concerns but point out your strengths and help you devise family strategies for success. Reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss possible times for private training. We do our best to accommodate private training applicants.

Many adults make the mistake of thinking it’s too late for them, or their children to train and get started. That’s just an excuse. People of all ages are beginning their self defense education every day, and you could be, too. Whether you have a background or know nothing about self-defense, our supportive staff and welcoming community is here to help. You’ll not only learn crucial concepts in self-defense, you’ll walk away with a myriad of benefits that can serve to improve your quality of life.