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Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide

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Only two people have ever technically won American Ninja Warrior. 

Winning, in this sense, means completing all of the obstacles of the final course. That might seem intimidating if you have your hopes set on being the next American Ninja Warrior. 

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a real ninja to master a ninja warrior obstacle course. Read on for a breakdown of the most popular obstacles and how to master them.

Quintuple Steps

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide 1

The quintuple steps are almost always the first obstacle in city qualifying courses. 

These slanted steps have been a staple since season one. While they look large enough to step across with ease, plenty of hopefuls fall flat on this first obstacle. 

To master these steps, you need good agility, balance, and footwork. Check out this video for a few quick tips on practicing the quintuple steps. 

Unstable Bridges

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide 2

One of the only winners of American Ninja Warrior, Drew Dreschel, failed this tricky obstacle. 

These swinging platforms need many of the same skills as the salmon ladder. But, competitors often neglect training for this obstacle in favor of its more famous counterpart. 

Prepare to defeat the unstable bridges with grip strength and momentum. Due to the swinging nature of the bridges, timing is also crucial. 


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide 3

Another upper body burner, the cliffhanger is an example of a “ninja killer.” 

These obstacles have some of the highest failure rates during a particular season. Imagine rock climbing, but instead of rocks, thin bars sit far apart. 

Grip strength is key to beating this obstacle. Work on your climbing skills and pullups to prepare for the cliffhanger. 

Spider Jump 

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide 4

Another staple from the early days of American Ninja Warrior, the jumping spider looks like it sounds. 

This has been one of the most difficult obstacles to date with failure rates almost always below 50% since season four. To conquer the jumping spider, you need excellent timing and foot placement when jumping from the trampoline. For better visuals on obstacles like this one, take a look at our training videos

Salmon Ladder

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide 5

If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior, you know the notoriety of the salmon ladder. 

This intimidating obstacle requires a combination of upper body strength, technique, timing, and plyometric ability. Think the salmon ladder is hard? The show has modified this obstacle by including a super salmon ladder

Warped Wall

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Guide 6

Finally, we have the most famous obstacle of all: the warped wall. 

The final obstacle of most ninja warrior courses, the warped wall tests your speed, strength, and timing. One of the hardest parts of making it up the warped wall is that it’s at the very end of the course. 

Some tips for beating the warped wall include generating enough speed and taking at least three steps while running. 

The Best Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Are you ready to be the next American Ninja Warrior?

Remember to start small. Work on strengthening your body and focusing on one obstacle at a time. 

The best way to learn? From ninja warrior experts! Contact The Ninja’s Edge today about our ninja warrior obstacle course training classes for adults and children!